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Our team is comprised of professionals with disciplines in multiple areas including specialists in Metaphysical studies, Audio Video Technologies, Intuitive Mediums and Demonology all with the same focus on identifying and either proving or disproving potential anomalies.

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Ben Hogan

Video/Audio Tech / Paranormal Investigator


Ben has twenty plus years in video production. Ben graduated UNT with a BA in Radio TV Film. His first job in the industry was at a local television station. He then delved into the world of freelance and has worked on a variety of projects related to television and independent production.


Ben made contact with Mystic Ghost around 2006 after he shot some television segments for the medium John Edward’s tv show “John Edward Cross Country”. His interest in the paranormal merged with Mystic Ghost and Ben is now the Video Tech for the team’s investigations. Keeping an open mind and wanting to find real proof, Ben is still the team’s “skeptic” and consistently strives to debunk evidence. His attempt to use rational explanations is only to further validate those things that can be deemed as paranormal. Even with his skeptical open mind, Ben has slowly developed his ability to sense things beyond what is physically visible.


Ruben Lopez - Servant Of God

Exorcist / Spiritual Deliverance Minister / Spiritual Advisor / Demonic Profiler Investigator

Ruben has been on hundreds of cases performing exorcisms and blessings. He continues to this day traveling the country helping those in need from demons and negative forces.

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Michelle DePaul

Founder of Mystic Ghost Paranormal Research / Intuitive Medium / Lead Investigator

After numerous unexplained experiences in early adulthood, Michelle found herself intrigued with paranormal research. She decided to become a student of paranormal phenomenon taking metaphysical courses and carrying out in-person investigations to more fully understand and appreciate her abilities. After years of exploratory research, she formally founded Mystic Ghost Paranormal Research. Michelle's mission was to set out and prove that her experiences were in fact real.

Mystic Ghost has conducted a number of successful investigations around the country and have received positive acclaim. They have visited some of the most widely recognized haunted locations in the country including two investigations at one of the top 5 haunted locations in the USA, The Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana.


Additionally, Michelle has been profiled on television, radio and print media, appearing on Q-Tv as a profiled guest on paranormal research and on radio stations 95.9 The Ranch, WBAP 820 AM NewsTalk, 570 KLIF Ankarlo Show and was the feature of stories in the Dallas Morning News and the Fort Worth Star Telegram.  Michelle was also featured on national television’s Biography Channel series “Dead Famous” where Mystic Ghost conducted an investigation at the famous Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas pursuing evidence of paranormal activity around the history of Bonnie and Clyde. She personally conducted experiments with the show’s host Chris Fleming during that filming of the episode.

Michelle continues to have passion for developing evidence to support paranormal phenomenon and rely on her intuitive abilities and paranormal research to continue to bring fact based evidence to the general public.

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