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Sallie House - Episode #10

Step Into The Unknown.jpg

Haunted Baker Hotel Ghost - Mineral Wells, Texas

I 0:13

Ghost moving across the lobby floor. If you look to the front pillar on the left, you can actually see this thing pass by before it crosses the double doors.

Haunted Jefferson Hotel Room #19 I 0:31

North Texas paranormal team investigates the haunted Jefferson hotel.

MYSTIC GHOST using the SLS XCAM in room 19. Black mass keeps moving around the room.


North Texas Paranormal Team Mystic Ghost films with Dead Famous TV show

I 01:42

North Texas Paranormal Team Mystic Ghost films with production company for the Bio channel TV show, "Dead Famous" Bonnie & Clyde episode.

Haunted Myrtles Plantation - Ghost sits on the bed.

I 01:32

Haunted Myrtles Plantation. Texas paranormal team captures a ghost sitting on the bed during the investigation. Watch and see for yourself.

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