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Mystic Ghost came out to help me and my mom recently. We had been having paranormal experiences in our apartment off and on for over 6 years. They were professional, educated, kind and compassionate. With the use of their equipment and experience, we were able to catch tons of orbs, apparitions, voices, etc. They then cleansed our home. Since the cleanse, we haven't had any activity here. The atmosphere is positive and light, which is what we desperately needed. We are so grateful to everyone on the team. I highly recommend them for any of your paranormal needs!


Mystic Ghost and team was very professional and explained everything. They walked us through everything. Each member was very personable and very knowledgeable. This group is very fun, but also very serious about their investigations. I would highly recommend this team who has 20 years of experience.


The Mystic Ghost Team is among the best in the business. Extremely knowledgeable and very professional. I would highly recommend this team to investigate your home as they did ours. They made us feel very comfortable while showing and explaining everything to us as they investigated.


I was the owner of Haunted Hill House. Mystic Ghost investigated my house several times. I found them to be one of the most professional paranormal groups that investigated Hill House. Mom Michelle is a great lead investigator and very knowledgeable in the paranormal field. One of the few groups I could leave the house by themselves and it would be in better shape than when they got there. A great group lots of fun but very serious in the investigations.


As a journalist I've worked with Mystic Ghost many times for stories. I shunned other investigators who were sensational, over reactionary and unprofessional. I not only was confident in following the group for news stories but became friends with the members and accompanied them on a couple of investigations on my personal time. They are professional. They have a good blend of talent to get results. They are respectful of the places they investigate and the people affected by their environment. Excellent team.


I definitely recommend Mystic Ghost anywhere! I was at Haunted Hill House Saturday night & had a wonderful but spooky time! I believe y’all did a wonderful job. Hope to see y’all out there again!


Very professional, caring, and knowledgeable. They came into our home to investigate and to help us better understand what was happening. Because of Mystic Ghost Paranormal Research, my kids were more comfortable and felt safer knowing there wasn't anything here that would hurt them. If you are looking for paranormal investigators, look no further. This team is excellent.


Mystic Ghost is a very professional team we had them as guests at Haunted Hill House and they found Amazing evidence.

Thank You for helping us with our event!


Wanted to give a shout out to your wonderful team. what a pleasure it was to have you all at the SK Victorian Mansion. Your professionalism with all you did at the Mansion was above and beyond my expectations. You showed respect and love for the Mansion and the spirits, for that we say Thank You. We would love to have your team back again.


Thank You Marion.


I had a wonderful time Saturday night and I came with Mystic ghost and they were very professional and knowledgeable about the Baker and Hill house.

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