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DFW Texas Paranormal Team Media for Myst

Some Are Convinced Certain Fort Worth Buildings Are Haunted I 03:07

CBS 11 took a closer look inside two places in Fort Worth believed to be some of the most haunted in Texas and across the country.

95.9 The Ranch Ghost Hunt Justin and Jeremy in the Mornings I 11:19

This Paranormal Investigation took place at the 95.9 The Ranch studios in Fort Worth Texas. This show is brought to by Justin and Jeremy in the Mornings.

DFW Most Haunted I 03:49

Boneyard Haunted House featured on DFW's Most Haunted - CBS 11. Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigators spend the night upstairs at the Dallas Haunted House and get some unexpected results.

North Texas Paranormal Team Mystic Ghost films with Dead Famous TV show I 01:43

North Texas Paranormal Team Mystic Ghost films with production company for the Bio channel TV show, "Dead Famous"  Bonnie & Clyde episode.

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