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We are one of the longest tenured and respected Texas based paranormal research teams with over 20 years of experience. Our mission is to seek out allegedly haunted locations, authenticate evidence of the paranormal, research all paranormal stories and conduct scientific/metaphicial investigations.

We have been featured on The Biography channel as well as multiple local news outlets in North Texas. Our mission has also taken us around the country having conducted paranormal investigations in Colorado, Mass., and Louisiana.

DFW Texas Paranormal Team Media for Myst

Our team is comprised of professionals with disciplines in multiple areas including specialists in technology, intuitive mediums and psychology all with the same focus on identifying and either proving or disproving potential anomalies.


Think you have a haunted house?

Living in a place you believe to be haunted can be a scary experience. Should you tell anyone? Will they think you're crazy? Yes, you should tell someone, and no, they probably won't think you need a straight-jacket.


There are some steps you can take to investigate possible causes on your own. Above all, keep a calm head, an open mind, and use your common sense.

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Mobile Phone

How do I know who to call?

The internet is full of groups of people and webpages claiming they will come out an professionally investigate your home. These people are all strangers to you - treat them as such.


While there is no central licensing board or certification requirements to call oneself a paranormal investigator, common sense is a great place to start when contacting someone to investigate your home. Encyclopedia of Haunted Places, have listings of paranormal investigators. People who use their real names in connection with their paranormal hobbies or research are much more likely to be accountable for their actions.


What is a ghost?

The simplest answer is that a ghost is a collection of spiritual energy. The kind of ghost determines the kind of energy.


An apparition or true haunting might be a human soul or spirit, or whats left of us when our physical bodies die. A residual haunting might be leftover imprinted energy from an emotionally charged event in the past often common in battlefied hauntings (the sound of crying at Little Big Horn or rifle shots at Gettysburg.)


A poltergeist might be nothing more than a collection of psychokinetic energy.


The Importance of Spiritual Protection

In paranormal research or any spiritual pursuit, protection is a must. Spirit energy is real and if you're not careful you can get an attachment. Spiritual protection can take many forms. Some people prefer traditional prayers or psalms while others opt for the spiritual approach of surrounding themselves with white light. Some people smudge with sage before and after an investigation. All are good ideas, and certainly none are harmful.

A simple white light prayer might go something like this:

I surround myself with the Divine white light of protection.

I am protected by the Divine Spirit of Love and Grace.

No harm may come to me, and no negative energy may approach.


Texas EVP

What is EVP?

EVP, or Electronic Voice Phenomena, is the recording of the voices of the dead on audio devices. The voices cannot be detected by the human ear, but recording equipment is more sensitive to different audio frequencies and the voices can be heard on playback.

To learn more about recording ghost voices, or EVP (electronic voice phenomena) check out the American Association for Electronic Voice Phenomena at They offer useful advice on recording and interpreting what you've captured.


What are Mist and orb photos?

Usually, orb photos are dust, pollen, moisture in the air (rain, snow, humidity) or other airborne particles.


Orbs - environmental or spiritual - can vary in color. Mist photos can be caused by mist, fog, hot breath on a cool night, or smoke. Some orbs and mists captured in photographs could be real spirit energy, but these need backup documentation - EMF readings, temperature drops in the same spot -to be considered paranormal in nature.

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